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Next Gen Drinker Insights: How to Authentically Reach Gen Z

Is Gen Z reconsidering drinking? Or are they simply migrating to new tastes and choices? What is motivating their purchase decisions? Content storytelling? Influencers? Social Ads?

Get answers to these questions and much more by downloading the Free Live Panel (at bottom of page).

In this webinar, my colleagues at Knit present timely new Gen Z Alcohol consumption and purchasing insights, followed by a panel discussion where Taylor Strategy’s Beckie Sommo and I provide expert analysis and share our expertise implementing young consumer strategies for leading brands like Constellation Brands, Guinness, Smirnoff, Seagram’s 7, and Captain Morgan.


The Gen Z Data we cover:

🛒 Purchasing Insights: Find out how much Gen Z is spending and where they’re spending it.

🍹 Consumption Insights: Hello seltzer, so long, beer? A by-the-numbers look at how Z drinks differently.

🏆 Gen Z’s Top Alcohol Brands: 60+ alcohol brands that Generation Z keeps in stock, and why they love them.

🙅‍♀️ Abstention Insights: Why Gen Z drinks less alcohol than Millennials, and what they’re drinking instead.


Need to authentically reach and engage Gen Z drinkers?

Start applying: The 5 foundational truths: how brands prepare to engage Gen Z and fandom audiences

Watch the FREE webinar here.


Please watch responsibly 😉

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